Photo Gallery

Uros Islands, Lake Titicaca, Peru 

Getting ready to weave

A reed boat, the style of which is used for fishing

Pounding the final rope working using a LaQuinya, a eucalyptus root ball hammer.

Freshly harvested reeds

 Rama Key, Nicaragua (2010)

Rama dugout canoe on Bluefields Lagoon

sailing Bluefields Lagoon

Rama Key

Sunset from Ervin's

Tiwai Island, Sierra Leone (2010/11)

Two dugouts on Tiwai

Mohammed with the giant buttress roots of a tree commonly used for canoes

Two guides on the canoes, having fun on the Moa River

Tree commonly used for canoe building

Pictures of the first canoe I built, a pine-strip canoe in 2011.

The canoe's forms

Inspecting the bow, Tim and Nate hanging out in our first workshop in the Sustainable Lawrence University Garden Shed

Second workshop outside at SLUG

Third workshop, basement of the Campus Center (Thanks Greg!).

4th workshop, Jim's garage.

5th workshop, the water! Out on the Fox River, WI.

A eight day trip on the Buffalo River in Arkansas

Pictures from North House Folk School, Birch bark canoes, 2012 

Erik's 17 footer birch bark canoe named "skunk" in Ojibwe.

Well wrapped spruce roots!

Three of Erik's beautiful canoes with doors opening to Lake Superior.

The Wooden Boat Show and the North House Folk School's Campus, Lake Superior in the background

Making pitch.

Pictures from Varanasi, India, 2009

Ceremonial candle to celebrate the river

Early morning row.

Swimming in the holy river.

Light ceremony at night.
The banks at Varanasi

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  1. Words cannot even begin to describe how beautiful this collection of moments in time is! Thank you for the glimpse into your experience, Will.

    Think about you and wishing the best for your travels.