The canoe is art, it shows our relationship with the ecosystem, it embodies our history, our culture, our values and passions to travel, trade goods and ideas, and just have fun. Humanity's Vessel: The Art and Ecology of Canoes is dedicated traditional and handcrafted canoes that represent both our deep heritage and our ecological way forward. Traveling for a year non-stop as a Watson Fellow I will build and study traditional canoes on every continent (besides Antarctica), starting August 1st 2012. 

I am an artist, entrepreneur, explorer  and environmental steward originally from the Ohio River Valley. I built my first canoe on the Fox River in Wisconsin. I have many passions and LOVE to hear about yours. Send me an email at meadowsw8@gmail.com.

Kicking it in the workshop of Mike Tavioni! (Rarotonga, South Pacific)