Ibn Battuta

Facts about ibn e Battuta

He was a Muslim scholar and traveller in Morocco. His full name was Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn e Battuta. He is famous because of his travelling experience and going on rihala. He travelled for a long period consisting of almost thirty years. He travelled to almost all the Muslim countries such as West Africa, North Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Central Asia, India subcontinent and China. He had very amazing travelling experiences. He learned about the culture of these countries. After completing his travelling to these countries, he returned to Morocco. In Morocco, he gave an account of his journey experience to ibn juzay and wrote about travelling to different countries. Ibn Juzay was his assistant, and he wrote about the travelling experience of ibn Battuta.

Facts about his life

He has very amazing experience of travelling to different countries which created very interesting facts about his travel. He has experienced different places, people and things in these countries which provided very interesting facts. Some of the facts related to his journey are:


He travelled to nearly every Muslim country in the world. He travelled to the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe, West Africa, India subcontinent, China and other countries in the world. But there is one country where he has not gone which is Australia. It is a country where he has not gone during his travelling to different countries in the world. His all travel experience was written by his assistant ibn juzzay.

The travels

He was a famous traveller in the world. One of the interesting fact associated with travelling to him include that he spent thirty years to visit different countries in the world. Some of the countries are Spain, China, Africa and India. He travelled to almost 75000 miles.


He has written many books on his travels. All of his books are famous. But there is a book which is most famous and the name of the book is rihlah. This is a renowned book of Ibn e Battuta. Rihla is a word derived from English which means travel. In this book, he has told about his journey to Asia and Africa. He has discussed all of the interesting facts related to travel to these countries in his book. The content of rihlah is very interesting and renowned.


He is a person who has performed seven hajjes in his life. He is a Muslim, and as a Muslim, he has fulfilled this pillar of Islam by performing hajj. He needs to perform Hajj as a Muslim.

Beginning of travelling

He was a young man of just 21 years old when he decided to travel to Asia and Africa. He travelled to these countries at this age. He was born with a passion for traveling, and he had the courage to travel to various countries in the world.

So, Ibn e Battuta is a famous traveller in the world. He had travelled to different countries in the world. There are some interesting facts associated with this travel and entire life.