Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ander`s Kayak Class: Part 2

Finishing frames

For the first time in nearly twenty years of teaching kayak building courses, Anders` students were able to paddle their own hand-made kayaks during the course.It was a beautiful sight to see eight previous strangers come together and create so well in our little chapel workshop. "One week ago, we hadn't even started build" Anders said to close the course "now we all have kayaks".

Oiling frames
 Each person in the course, when their frame was done, came into the sunshine to oil their kayaks with me. They unfolded their story, interests, and backgrounds with me as we brought to life their creation. Some came out of simple joy of working with their hands, some for spiritual aspects, some because they wanted something nice to paddle. I felt it an honor to take part in building them and befriending these great architects, lawyers, geophysicists, Buddhists, artists, teachers, and now kayak builders.

Nearly finished
For two days, the eight students worked their hands until their fingers would barely move, sewing with bees waxed string kayaks that would take them to adventure for decades to come.

Sewing the kayaks
 At night we would sit down to a meal together, alternating chefs. We were tired, filled with new things learned, hungry, but we were happy and in the moment. It was a truly great experience.

A kajak family

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